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Lee pledges fast recovery work in typhoon-damaged areas

SEOUL, Sept. 28 — President Lee Myung-bak on Friday pledged fast recovery work in typhoon-damaged regions, saying the restoration work should have been finished before Chuseok so all could enjoy the holidays.

"The three consecutive typhoons that lashed Korea this year caused our farmers and fishermen great difficulties. Especially, fish farms and fruit orchards sustained enormous damage," immediately before the harvest season, Lee said in a Chuseok message.

"The government has tried its utmost to complete restoration work and dole out compensation before Chuseok so all of you could enjoy the holidays, but to my frustration, some work still remains to be done. The government will hurry and finish the necessary work as quickly as possible," he said.

Lee said his mind is "not that bright as Chuseok comes around at a time when the going is tough" with the global economy suffering difficulties. But he said he firmly believes the country's economy will turn around quickly as it did after the 2008 financial crisis. (PNA/Yonhap)


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