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RF airplane with injured skydiver leaves Los Angeles for Moscow

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28 — A Russian emergency airplane with injured parachutist and skydiving world record winner Irina Sinitsyna took off from the international airport in Los Angeles to Moscow on Thursday.

The Il-62 special emergency airplane departed from the international airport in Los Angeles, Russian Consul General in San Francisco Vladimir Vinokurov told Itar-Tass on Thursday.

“All passed according to the plan, the social services of the hospital delivered Irina Sinitsyna by a special medical helicopter to the arrived airplane and passed to Russian specialists,” the Russian diplomat noted.

Along with the doctors of the Russian emergency task force Tsentrospas the sister and the doctor of the Russian skydiving team accompanied the Russian skydiver. Several hospitals in Moscow stated that they are ready to admit the wounded skydiver.

The wounded skydiver remains in heavy condition. The parachutist remained in coma after an unsuccessful skydiving jump on the Californian airport Perris Valley. “Last Sunday a big group of parachutists from different countries, including Russian skydivers, have made an attempt at breaking a skydiving world record, forming a geometrical figure – rectangle in the skies with the participation of 100 skydivers in special aerodynamic suits.

The incident occurred in the unfolding and opening of the main parachute. In the air Irina collided with some skydivers, after that she had stuck in the cords and failed to open a backup parachute timely.

“The doctors estimate her condition as extremely severe, she is in coma,” sport director of the Aerograd Kolomna, where the skydiver is training, Dmitry Khaitovsky said. PNA/Itar-Tass)


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