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Second attempt to undock European module from ISS due Sept 29

MOSCOW, Sept. 28 — The second attempt at undocking the European cargo spacecraft ATV-3 (Edoardo Amaldi) from the ISS will be made in the small hours of Saturday.

“The attempt is due 01:15 Moscow time on September 29,” Itar-Tass has been told at Mission Control near Moscow.

Originally, the second attempt was due at 01:00 on September 28, but then a decision was made to postpone the maneuver for a day.

The European cargo spacecraft on Wednesday failed to be separated from the ISS, as the signal from the Russian segment of the ISS failed to reach European Mission Control in Toulouse.

Currently the ISS has a crew of three – Commander Sunita Williams (of NASA), Yuri Malenchenko, of Russia, and Akihiko Hoshide (JACSA).

Edoardo Amaldi at the end of March brought to the ISS more than 6.5 tonnes of various cargos. The ATV is the sole spacecraft, except for Russia’s Progress, which is capable to perform the function of refueling and attitude control. Besides, in case of the risk of a collision with space garbage the ATV can help the ISS perform evasive action. (PNA/Itar-Tass)


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