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Palestine not to use its UN status for Isolating Israel – RF Permanent Representative to UN Vitaly Churkin

UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 30 — Russia has received assurances from Palestine that its recognition as a UN observer state will not be used as a tool for the political isolation of Israel, RF Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin told journalists on Friday on the results of voting in the UN General Assembly. Russia was among the 138 states that supported Palestine’s bid. Nine countries were against, another 41 abstained, and five countries did not vote.

“For us, as a member of the Quartet (of the Middle East mediators), as a state, which plays an active role in the Middle East settlement, certainly, the political context of the situation is very important. Therefore, we have received assurances from the Palestinians that they will not use this event for any attempts to isolate Israel, and that based on this event they will focus on the resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations,” the Russian ambassador said.

Experts stress that the recognition as a state will allow Palestine to apply to international bodies, in particular, the International Court in The Hague, with claims against Israel, including demanding the release of the occupied territories.

According to the RF Permanent Representative to the UN, it is important to “constructively channel” the acquisition by Palestine of the state observer status. However, Vitaly Churkin said that some countries, including Israel, have taken it “very painfully.” “It is necessary to look at the positive aspects,” Churkin stressed. “We are warning against any attempts to use that or other repressions against the Palestinians,” Churkin stressed, cautioning against the threats emanating from the United States and Israel.

The latter believe that Palestinians’ self-determination should be reached through negotiations and not through unilateral action by the United Nations. Washington has already threatened Palestine that it will suspend the allocation of financial aid, while Israel has expressed the intention to cancel thousands of work permits issued to Palestinians. In addition, the authorities of the Jewish state said they would break the 1993 Oslo agreements, concerning the Palestinian autonomy and the principles of the subsequent final settlement of the conflict. (PNA/Xinhua)


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