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Bush family confident in treatment for ailing former U.S. president

HOUSTON, Dec. 27 — The family of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush and his doctors were in no hurry to release Bush from a Houston hospital where he was being treated for a lingering fever, U.S. media reported.

Bush was moved into the ICU so doctors could more easily keep tabs on his condition, and his family members are fully confident in the medical staff treating him, CNN quoted Bush spokesman Jim McGrath as saying Thursday.

Though Bush's family hopes he would be able to leave the hospital soon, McGrath said, they and Bush's doctors are in no hurry to release him.

Bush, 88, who had been hospitalized for about a month with bronchitis, has been in intensive care since Sunday and is now on a liquids-only diet.

McGrath, who said Wednesday that a fever that kept Bush at the hospital over Christmas had gone away, later corrected himself.

"It's an elevated fever, so it's actually gone up in the last day or two," he said.

"It's a stubborn fever that won't go away."

Doctors at Methodist Hospital in Houston, where Bush was treated, have run tests, but still haven't nailed down a cause for the fever, McGrath said.

Bush was initially admitted to the hospital on Nov. 23, and has remained there due to what his spokesman described as a "lingering cough."

Jean Becker, Bush's chief of staff, said Thursday evening that Bush was getting excellent medical treatment and would advise people to "put the harps back in the closet."

But Becker also pointed out that the ex-president was sick and likely would remain in the hospital for a while after a "terrible case of bronchitis which then triggered a series of complications." (PNA/Xinhua)


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