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Snakes alive! 41 in just 2 days!

KUALA TERENGGANU, Dec 28 — Dept. of Civil Defense personnel in Terengganu helped to catch 41 snakes which entered people's homes in just two days this week owing to the floods.

State JPAM officer Lt Nor Asmawi Abdul Mutalib said the reptiles were caught Sunday and Monday and were handed over to the relevant authorities.

"We caught 41 poisonous snakes, including cobra, on the two days," he said, adding no one was harmed by the reptiles.

Nor Asmawi said snakes would seek refuge when their nests were inundated during the floods and they usually targeted people's homes.

He said he expected more cases of people summoning JPAM personnel to remove snakes by the time the floodwaters subsided.

People who came across snakes could contact JPAM through the state or district flood operations centers which were open round the clock, he added. (PNA/Bernama)


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