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Most Venezuelans back Chavez: Poll

CARACAS, Feb. 27 — An overwhelming number of Venezuelans support the policies of President Hugo Chavez, China's Xinhua news agency reported, citing a survey revealed Tuesday.

Oscar Schemel, president of Hinterlaces, a Venezuelan polling firm, announced that 67 percent people of the South American country conceived Chavez's reforms as beneficial, while 28 percent said it has "damaged" the country, and 5 percent declined to answer.

Fifty-one percent of people surveyed said the political movement called "Chavismo" would continue to provide the best answers to Venezuelan economic problems, while 23 percent argued that the opposition parties possess the right solutions.

Sixty-five percent thought that the Venezuelan economic situation would get better or remain the status quo in 2013, and 50 percent believed that the government's economic policies would mostly cater for the working class.

Chavez, who has been battling cancer since 2011, was re-elected to another six-year term of presidency in October 2012, following a contentious campaign against a coalition of conservative parties.

Though he won easily, Chavez's health has since collapsed and he been struggling in an anti-cancer battle.

The Hinterlaces poll showed that 60 percent people believed Chavez would recover and return to his day-to-day work, 14 percent thought he would be recovering but unable to govern again, and 12 percent considered his condition incurable.

Schemel said Chavez's health problem failed to weaken "Chavismo", but instead strengthened the bonds of affection and recognition of the president's supporters.

Furthermore, the poll also showed that 57 percent believed that Vice President Nicolas Maduro is doing a good job, making him a favourable choice should Chavez become incapacitated and new elections be held.(PNA/Bernama)


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