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(Leadall): Mixed reactions over Egypt court's decision to reinstate sacked prosecutor

CAIRO, March 28 — Egyptian Court's decision to reinstate sacked Prosecutor-General Abdel-Maguid Mahmoud has drawn mixed reactions in the country.

The verdict stirred different reactions amid the judiciary arena as some judiciary officials welcomed the verdict depending on the law provision that fortifies the prosecutor-general from being sacked.

While others believed that the standing prosecutor-general Talaat Abdallah should keep his post by the force of constitution that stated that prosecutor-general shall keep his post for a four- year term.

Egypt's Court of Appeal decided Wednesday to overturn a decree issued by President Mohamed Morsi to sack Mahmoud and ordered Justice Minister Ahmed Mekki to reinstate him to his office, the state-run MENA news agency reported.

Mahmoud reiterated that he wouldn't comment on the ruling until he reads the verdict.

Assistant to the prosecutor-general Hassan Yassin said that the State Lawsuit Authority, the presidency and the Justice Ministry can appeal this ruling.

He added that prosecutor-general Talaat Ibrahim is currently performing his work normally "in supervising the interrogations," affirming that the verdict didn't affect the work process.

For his part, the head of the Judges Club Ahmed al-Zend said in press statements that all Egyptians should celebrate "such historic verdict."

Head of State Lawsuit Authority Club said that he has not received the whereases of the ruling so far, adding that the authority will study the ruling and then issue a decision on it.

In the meantime, different political forces, mainly the opposition forces welcomed the ruling, while some Islamist parties called for demonstrations to protest the ruling.

Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the office of the current prosecutor-general after the verdict, urging him to apply the court's ruling and to leave his post.

Salafists' Nour Party and Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party said they would study the decision from its legal sides.

Nour Party affirmed that they wouldn't respond to any calls for demonstrations by Islamists to protest today's ruling, while the Muslim Brotherhood group said they would hold closed meetings to discuss the ruling consequences.

The National Salvation Front's leading figure Mohamed Abul-Ghar advised Mahmoud in press statements to refuse getting his post back and leave the Supreme Judiciary Council to appoint a new one, in order to avoid any future turmoil.

Although his term was scheduled to end in 2016, Mahmoud was dismissed in November 2012 according to a constitutional declaration issued by Morsi, which appointed Ibrahim to replace the sacked prosecutor's position.

The constitutional declaration sparked a storm of outrage in judicial and political arenas, prompting accusations that the president is meddling in judicial affairs.

After his dismissal, Mahmoud filed a case against the president, justice minister, head of the Supreme Judiciary Council and current Prosecutor-General. (PNA/Xinhua)


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