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2nd LD Writethru: Moldovan parliament speaker removed from office

BUCHAREST, April 26 — Moldovans parliament speaker Marian Lupu on Thursday was removed from office by a secret vote, proposed by the opposition Communist party, according to news reaching here from Chisinau.

The Communists' initiative was backed by the Liberal Democrats and some independent MPs. By secret ballot, 76 MPs voted for the dismissal of Lupu, the leader of the Democrat Party.

According to the Constitution, the parliament speaker may be dismissed by two-thirds (67 MPs) of the 101-seat forum.

The voting process was attended by a total of 79 MPs, with the exception of Lupu's Democratic lawmakers and five Liberal Party's MPs from the Mihai Ghimpu Group.

Liberal leader Mihai Ghimpu stressed that removal of Lupu was a direct road to early elections. According to him, "the Communists will indeed vote for his dismissal with joy, but will not vote for electing a new speaker."

"There will be nobody in our parliament to sign laws or parliamentary resolutions. If such a situation in the forum continues for three months, the president will have to dissolve such an inefficient forum and set a date for early parliamentary elections," he added.

"This is a dangerous situation. The parliament is non-functional," Lupu said in a briefing after he was dismissed.

Lupu is a former member of the Communist Party, the largest bloc in parliament, but joined to head the Democrat Party in 2009. The former ruling alliance in Moldova consisted of the Liberal Party, the Democrat Party and the Liberal-Democrat Party.(PNA/Xinhua)


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