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Egyptian president to host conference to ease disputes with judges

CAIRO, April 29 — Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has decided to start a preparatory session of a "justice conference" on Tuesday to ease tensions with judges over a controversial judicial authority law, official news agency MENA reported Sunday citing a statement of the presidency.

During a meeting with senior judges on Sunday, Morsi agreed to launch the conference to discuss the future of the judiciary system, in the hope of reaching a bill acceptable to both sides, the statement said.

According to the statement, Morsi told the judges at the meeting that the conference will address all obstacles facing judges and draft bills concerning the judiciary system, the statement added.

Morsi pledged to adopt the outcome of the proposed conference, and send the amendments to the Shura Council (upper house of the parliament), the statement said.

Muslim Brotherhood, to which Morsi was affiliated, staged protests on April 19 calling for "purging the judiciary." The protests resulted in the resignation of Justice Minister Ahmed Mekki.

Then a bill was submitted to Shura Council by the Islamist Al- Wasat Party to lower the retirement age of judges from 70 to 60, a move to expel judges appointed by former president Hosni Mubarak.

Last week, Morsi held a meeting with Supreme Judicial Council members over a judicial authority bill. During the meeting, Morsi decided to hold a justice conference to resolve disagreement with judges.(PNA/Xinhua)


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