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Dutch consumers cut meat consumption due to scandals

THE HAGUE, May 30 – One out of five Dutch consumers has reduced its meat consumption after the recent European meat scandals, the Dutch Nature and environment foundation stated in a press release Thursday.

The organization conducted a research showing 11.6 per cent of the Dutch population eats more biological meat since the horse meat scandal occurred in Europe, while 7.1 percent eats less meat from certain animals, and 5.3 per cent decreased their overall meat consumption considerably.

In April, the Dutch Food Safety Authority ordered to take back 50,000 tonnes of meat after it was supplied by a Dutch trading company and sold as beef across Europe since January 2011 while it may have contained horse meat.

Half of the respondents said they were shocked by the scandals. However, the vast majority of the Dutch population said the do not see any reason to change their food behavior.

Women appear to respond stronger to these scandals than men, the research showed. Eight percent of the women said they now eat less meat, as compared to only 3 percent of men. Further, 16 percent of the women opt for biological meat, as compared to only 8 per cent of men.

Earlier research conducted by the Product Boards for Livestock, Meat and Eggs (PVE) showed there is a trend in the reduction of the overall meat consumption. According to the latest figures, an average Dutch consumer ate 82.4 kilogram of meat in 2012, while in 2000 this was still 87 kg per person. (PNA/Xinhua)


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