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Russia is world's 13th for number of households with million-dollar assets

NEW YORK, May 31 — The number of households with millions-dollar assets reached 13.8 million in the world in 2012. They account for 0.9 percent of all the households, the Boston Consulting Group (the US) said in its report published on Thursday.

The first on the list is the United States, where 5.9 million families live with wealth exceeding a million dollars. The second is Japan (1.5 million), and the third among the leaders is China (1.3 million). Russia with 180,000 is the 13th.

If to count the number of millionaires per capita, the leader in this rating is Qatar, where millionaires account for 14.3 percent of the population. It is followed by Switzerland (11.6 percent), Kuwait (11.5 percent), Hong Kong (9.4 percent) and Singapore (8.2 percent).

The Boston Consulting Group has also counted those whose wealth exceeds 100 million. The leader for the rate is the United States where 3,016 such families live. The second is Great Britain (1,001), and the third is China (851). Russia is the 11th for the number of super rich families (328).

All over the world, households have a total of 135.5 trillion dollars of assets. The richest regions are North America and Western Europe — 43.3 trillion and 35.8 trillion, respectively. (PNA/Itar-Tass)


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