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Thousands feel force of Can Tho River landslide

CAN THO, Vietnam, May 31 — Thousands of local residents were affected by power cuts and transport problems caused by a serious landslide that destroyed a 70-meter long section of the concrete embankment along Can Tho River in Can Tho City early yesterday morning.

According to residents of Cai Rang District's Hung Thanh Ward, high tides on the river at the time contributed to the collapse of the 18-metre-wide embankment.

Nguyen Khac Phu, a resident who lives near the landslide area, said he had heard a loud sound that apparently came from electrical wires that had been hit.

When he ran out of his house, the entire embankment section had already sunk into the river.

According to local residents, the 70-metre concrete section was completed three months ago.

Dao Anh Dung, deputy chairman of Can Tho City's People's Committee, asked local authorities to hire independent agencies to investigate the causes of the landslide and correct the problem.

The construction of the embankment was approved in 2007 with investment capital of VND710 billion.

The entire project was expected to be completed in 2010, but due to land clearance problems, there is still work to be done.

The landslide swept away one electricity pole and damaged six electricity meters.

Nguyen Duy Dam, a local resident, said his one-ton boat sank when the landslide occurred. (PNA/VNS)


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