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15 contingents to compete in Tacloban City’s 2nd Parade of Lights

TACLOBAN CITY, June 27 — The 2nd Parade of Lights promises to be an exciting highlight of the month-long Sangyaw Festival in this highly urbanized city (HUC) with 15 creatively formed light-emitting diodes (LED) floats parading along the main streets of this city this weekend.

OIC City tourism officer Ma. Lumen Tabao said this year’s Parade of Lights will be participated in by 15 school, barangay and community-based contingents.

The competing floats will each have a theme accompanied by group of 30 to 50 dancers with lighted costumes and ornamentation.

The 15 float entries are themed Fairy Topia (Barangay 48-B), Retro Dynamics (Tacloban Institute of Electronics), Kaurusa-Goddess of the Sun (Brgy. 42-A), Fantasy (Brgy. 68), Power Rangers (Brgy. 44-A), Caribbean Mardi Gras (Brgy. 31), Mahusay Garden (Brgy. 75), Pamarayaw (Barangay 49), Under the Sea (Young Bloomers Youth Club), Cadulcehan (Barangay 56), Robotic (Asian Devlopment Foundation College), Era 1980’s (Kabataan Dancers han Tacloban), Sarimanok (Licei del Verbo Divino, Fantasy (Barangay 103) and Lireo-Kaharian ng mga Diwata ng Encantadia (I Love Tacloban Youth Organization).

Each contingent was given a subsidy of P220,000 by the city government.

Festival entries will be judged for its lighting effects, performance, choreography and musicality.

The Best Contingent will win P80,000 while the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th runners-up will receive P50,000, P30,000, P20,000 and P10,000, respectively. Best in musicality, lighted costumes and choreography winners will each receive P5,000 each.

The best festival float and street dancing grand champion will take home P80,000 and trophy, the first runner-up-P50,000 and trophy, 2nd runner-up-P30,000 and trophy, 3rd runner-up-P20,000 and trophy and P10,000 and trophy for the 4th runner-up.

Judging of the entries will be done in two parts; during the parade and the performance at the Balyu-an Amphitheater.

The Parade of Lights will start at the Magsaysay Boulevard and will pass through Real Street, Imelda Avenue, Rizal Avenue, Justice Romualdez Street and back to Magsaysay Boulevard.

Meanwhile, the Traffic Operations Management, Enforcement and Control Office (TOMECO) has already come up with its traffic plan for the day of festivals on Saturday.

At exactly 7:00 a.m. on Saturday a temporary re-routing scheme will be implemented by the TOMECO. Some 42 traffic control posts will be manned by traffic group, wherein 79 TOMECO personnel composed of 18 Riders, 4 Supervisors, 7Clearing Operation Team, 4 Drivers and 3 Radio Operator will be stationed.

All vehicles entering the south part of the City will be directed to pass Old Road/Esperas Avenue, Independencia Street and Real Street will only be open to one-way traffic.

North bound vehicles will be required to pass through the following route: Paseo de Legaspi – Avenida Veteranos Street, Torres Street and Tarcela-Sabang Road. Steel Barricades will be set up by the TOMECO at these areas. (PNA)


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