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Atomic engineering share in Russian energy balance to bring to 25-30 % by 2030

ST PETERSBURG, June 27 — Atomic engineering’s share in the Russian energy balance is planning to bring to 25-30 percent till the year 2030, Russian Vice-Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said.

Speaking at the IAEA conference currently underway in the Presidential Library in St Petersburg, Rogozin said the atomic industry was an important direction for Russia’s energy sector.

“We succeeded in achieving the higher level of security in this sector,” the vice-prime minister added.

Rogozin recalled that a total of 33 energy units operated at Russian nuclear power plants. Last year they produced power at the amount of 177.3 billion kilowatt hours, he said.

Russia rivets much attention to nuclear security and prefers to use the 4th generation reactors. In the future “we’ll rely on modern technologies”, Rogozin said.

“Today we offer the highest technologies. The number of our partners in this sphere grows. We should not slow up to develop atomic partnership and strengthen nuclear security,” the vice-prime minister said, adding, “The future of the atomic industry is based on innovation technologies.” (PNA/Itar-Tass)


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