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Islamists hold mass rally in Cairo

CARIO, Aug. 31 — Islamists have started a mass rally in Madinet Nasr district of the Egyptian capital. The crowd started moving towards Ittihadiya, the Presidential Palace.

The peaceful mass demonstration consists of protesters of all ages, senior citizens, women and children. Participants hold yellow piece of paper with an image of an open palm with four raised fingers and a closed thumb. This sign symbolizes the number ‘four’ and reminds of the disruption of the rally at Rabia Al-Adawiya in downtown Cairo as ‘Rabia’ means ‘four’ in Arabic.

The Muslim Brotherhood has called this even “Friday of the restoration of the rule of law.” According to reports, Brotherhood activists were also amassed at Giza square and in the Muhandisin neighborhood.

Islamists do not hide that they want to bring as many people to the streets as they can. A week ago their Cairo rally failed with only a few hundred participants. Instead of planned 28 rallies, the Brotherhood managed to hold only three. (PNA/Itar-Tass)


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