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Koreans to convert solid waste to energy in Iloilo City

ILOILO CITY, Sept. 27 -– A group of Korean investors have introduced a new technology that will convert solid wastes into energy out to power six megawatts derived from the processed solid wastes at the city’s Calajunan dumpsite.

The city is generating some 170 metric tons of garbage everyday collected from the six public markets, housing subdivisions, downtown business areas, shopping malls and streets.

The Iloilo City Solid Waste Management Council will include the proposed business plan of the Koreans in its next meeting after Tiger Moon, a Korean residing in Iloilo city, brought them to present their proposal to the council.

The Korean Dream Eng business proposal for the city includes a build, operate and transfer (BOT) plan to the city government after completion of 20 years of operation. Ownership of the structure is 10 to 15 percent for the city while 85 to 90 percent for the Korean investors.

All the rights on clean development mechanism (CDM) business will be transferred to the city government to support the life of local residents who live with recycling goods from the current landfill in order to assist their children’s education.

On the other hand, under the plan, Iloilo City will support the solid waste to energy project by providing the investors with a one hectare area at the city’s landfill site free of charge. With the power produced, the city will ensure a minimum sale price of US $ 0.17 per kilowatthour of electricity to Panay Electric Company.

The Korean investors are also asking for a seven-year tax exemption from the city and an import tax exemption for the plant equipment required for the project. The city will also guarantee the issuance of business related licenses and to resolve the resident’s complaints.

The Korean proposal will have to wait for the arrival of city mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, chairman of the city Solid Waste Management Council, who is currently on an official travel abroad.(PNA)


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