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Veteran solon cries foul over latest Pulse Asia survey claiming 54% of Filipinos not aware of lawmakers' projects

By Sammy F. Martin

MANILA, Oct. 21 (PNA) — An administration solon on Monday appealed to companies engaged in surveying public opinion to be specific in getting the true pulse of the people.

Cavite Rep. Elpidio Barzaga Jr., said the recent Pulse Asia survey claiming that 54 percent of Filipinos are not aware of any project in their area implemented by any lawmaker in the past six years is uncalled for.

He said names of politicians who initiated the projects are no longer allowed to be displayed in strategic areas where the project was undertaken or ongoing.

“We know that the money being spent is not ours but the idea of not putting the names of politicians who initiated the projects is not a good idea because the people might think that we have not done anything to the fund entrusted in our behalf,” Barzaga told reporters in a chance interview.

He said people’s awareness of what they are doing is very important because they knew where their taxes go.

The veteran solon said that the survey speaks for itself that the people are not aware of the projects they initiated.

“I suggest that they conduct their survey in every legislative district and if the result of awareness is the same, I will file my resignation right away,” Barzaga pointed out.

The survey shows 42 percent of the respondents want lawmakers to prioritize having their own projects for their constituents. This is despite the belief that at least half of the funds allocated for a project was lost due to corruption.

Only 32 percent said members of Congress should give priority to their legislative work while a mere 14 percent said lawmakers should focus on conducting investigations into scandals.

The survey covering 1,200 respondents was done between September 14 and 27 at the height of alleged pork barrel scam and the Zamboanga City crisis dominated the news.

He believes that the figure showing their awareness of what their congressmen are doing in their legislative districts are beneficiaries of soft projects such as scholarships and medical assistance.

He said their constituents are not aware that infrastructure projects financed or sourced from their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or other sources because their names are no longer allowed to be included in the information board.

Although the public can visit their websites to check where congressmen spent their PDAF, most of their constituents have no access to computers or are not interested to know how their taxes were spent. (PNA)


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