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WIPO opens new green technology database to address climate change

GENEVA, Nov. 29 – The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) launched Thursday a new database, providing innovative and green technologies to a wide variety of groups to improve global climate situation.

The new database is designed to accelerate innovation and diffusion of environmental-friendly technologies and contribute to the efforts of developing countries in addressing climate change.

It also matches owners of new technologies with individuals or companies seeking to commercialize, license or otherwise distribute a green technology, said the organization based in Geneva.

With 35 partners worldwide involved, the freely-accessible database, reportedly having already gained around 1,000 uploads during a pilot and testing phase, offers a broad listing of green technology products, inventions and patents, services and intellectual property (IP) assets.

"Innovative green technologies have an important role to play in addressing climate change. Our objective is for WIPO GREEN to become a go-to platform for green technologies, thanks to our growing network of partners and innovative collaborations with major global technology databases," said Francis Gurry, WIPO's Director General.(PNA/Xinhua)


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