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Baguio expects lower temperature as northeast monsoon starts to affect the city – PAGASA

BAGUIO CITY, Dec. 30 –The Philippines Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) on Monday confirmed that this city and other high-lying areas of Benguet would experience temperatures lower than 12 degrees celsius which was recorded here in the evening of December 27.

Efren Dalipog, weather forecaster of the PAGASA office here, said the lowering of temperature and brief isolated rainshowers in the area were due to the effects of the northeast monsoon which would normally affect the city from the last week of December to the late days of February.

The lowest recorded temperature here was 6.8 degrees celsius in February 1961. In later times, the second lowest was 8.2 degrees celsius on January 15, 2008.

PAGASA confirmed that the Benguet farmers were getting ready to deal with the usual cold spell which would normally result in the formation of frost or thin layer of ice atop leaves, mostly in open farms and terraces.

The frost known as “andap” by the natives were menace to farmers until the locals were able to deal with it through burning of dried grasses in the morning or simply using the correct calendar in cropping season, if not growing sensitive plants like strawberries inside greenhouses during the period.

Besides, the “andap” has helped Benguet's eco-tourism industry as many tourists have been willing to walk to areas where frosting is most vulnerable like Mount Pulag and the farms of Paoay, Atok, Benguet.(PNA)


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