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10 Taliban militants give up fighting in E. Afghanistan

ASSADABAD, Afghanistan, Jan. 29 — A total of 10 Taliban militants gave up fighting and handed over their weapons to local authorities in Kunar province with Assadabad as its capital 185 km east of Kabul on Wednesday, a senior official said.

"With these brothers joining in the peace process the security will be further improved in Kunar and adjoining areas," provincial governor Shuja-ul-Mulk Jalala said in his remarks at a ceremony to welcome the former fighters.

The former militants under Mir Zada were active in Asmar district over the past couple of years, the governor said, adding the government is calling upon other fighters to follow the step and join the peace process.

More than 4,000 Taliban militants, according to officials, have joined the government-backed peace process over the past year, a claim dismissed by Taliban outfit as groundless. (PNA/Xinhua)


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