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Abandoned children’s full potentials can best be honed under a nurturing and loving family –DSWD

By Leilani S. Junio

MANILA, Feb. 22 (PNA) — Realization of full potentials of abandoned and orphaned children can be best achieved if they are given a loving and nurturing family as they discover their inclinations through legal adoption.

This was stressed by an official of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) during Saturday's culmination activity of the Adoption Consciousness Week that seeks to increase awareness about the importance of advocating adoption.

“Talents of children declared legally available for adoption can be best nurtured under the care of a loving and supportive family,” DSWD-National Capital Region Director Alicia S. Bonoan said.

According to her, in her observation, it helps a lot if children, who are declared by DSWD as available for adoption, are placed under the care of a permanent family that will not only love them but at the same time support and guide them to achieve their dreams and discover their God-given talents.

Bonoan said that a number of opportunities are being opened for adopted children as they experience the joy of belonging to a family for their best interest.

These include opportunities for the children to grow up healthy and strong; experience the pleasant feeling of having parents that love and protect them as their own; be sent to good schools so that they can have a promising future and other things that their adoptive parent/s can offer them.

Director Bonoan said it feels good to see the children are enjoying the warmth of love and care of protective parents who treat them as their very own children.

According her, such feeling will never be realized without the efforts of adoptive mothers who unselfishly share their love and care for the children who, while not coming from their womb, dwell inside their hearts and homes.

“This is why DSWD is continuing to create more awareness campaign about adoption. We hope that through adoption under the legal process, the call for more adoptive parents to hear the call of children needing families will be responded,” she pointed out.

She also stressed that the legal process must be followed even if it takes years to complete because the long wait is nothing compared to the joy of having a child, especially for childless couples or even a single parent.

“We have testimonies of adoptive parents who said that while some of them have waited long for the decision for adoption, they find the waiting period worthy once they received the decision declaring them as the legal parents of the child they adopted,” she explained.

She also cited that if a child is legally adopted, he or she enjoys the privilege of carrying the surname of his/her adoptive parent/s as well as the right to have inheritance (in case the parents are rich when they die).

“It is also a security on the part of the adoptive parents as the child cannot anymore be taken back by its biological parent/s in case the latter claim they now have the full capacity to provide for the future of the child because they (adoptive parents) have a document to prove that the child belongs to them,” she added.

As part of the advocacy to strengthen the campaign for adoption, the DSWD, during the week-long celebration, conducted adoption forums, set up adoption desks in selected malls, exhibited photos of adoptive parents with adopted children so that the public will be more aware of the testimonies of the joy of adoptive parents when they opted to become parent/s to a child placed available for adoption.

The Adoption Consciousness Week observance this year started on Feb. 15. (PNA)


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