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EU sets new car emissions target

BRUSSELS, Feb. 25 — European Parliament on Monday endorsed the new target for CO2 emissions from cars at 95g/km in 2021.

It will further reduce road transport emissions and make a substantial contribution to meeting the EU objective of cutting greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020, as set out in the Commission's recent proposal for 2030 targets.

New cars' CO2 emissions in 2021 will be reduced by 27 percent compared with the 2015 target of 130g/km.

"This agreement gives the car industry planning certainty to produce more fuel efficient vehicles and saves consumers money, "Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said, "the 95g target is achievable by employing technologies available today."

The Commission's analysis shows that the target of 95g/km in 2021 for newly registered cars is achievable in a cost effective manner by employing technologies that are available today.

Current progress in reducing cars CO2 emissions demonstrates the success of the applicable legislative framework. Cars emissions have already been reduced from 159g in 2007 to 132g/km in 2012. (PNA/Xinhua)


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