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Guimaras Gov. Gumarin issues ultimatum vs MV Sportivo

ILOILO CITY, Feb. 26 — Guimaras Gov. Samuel Gumarin has issued an ultimatum to the MV Sportivo owner to have the sunken vessel refloated by March 15. This after the Seen Sam Shipping Company failed to meet its deadline set to have signed an agreement for a salvor to do the refloating.

Task Force Sportivo spokesperson Raymund Moderes said that Gov. Gumarin issued the ultimatum during their meeting Tuesday after he also got fed up with the ship owner’s lack of coordination with provincial government on the incident and the stoppage of the cleanup operations.

Moderes said that it was only about a week after that the governor learned about the stoppage of the cleanup operations in Brgy. Hoskyn, Buenavista, Guimaras. He said that the Seen Sam Shipping Company upon the task force inquiry claimed that their cleanup supervisor Eduardo Oncab got sick that’s why there is withdrawal or abandonment of the coastal cleanup operation.

“The debris collected are still at Hoskyn,”Moderes said, adding that there were about 150 sacks of debris that are awaiting for shipment outside of Guimaras.

The deadline set for the signing of the vessel retrieval is also supposedly Werdnesday, Feb. 26, but there was none and even there’s no insurance adjuster that had attended the task force meeting.

Moderes said that the Guimaras provincial legal office is also now finalizing the filing of case to the vessel owner and those who would be found responsible for the oil spill due to the sinking of the MV Sportivo on Jan. 19.

The vessel was supposed to transport Harvester fertilizers from Cebu to Palawan when the incident happened.

Moderes said that the Seen Sam however did not confirm or deny the sealed empty 10 sacks of Harvester fertilizer that were retrieved during the cleanup operation.(PNA)


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