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More Chinese vessels join search for MH370

BEIJING, March 27 (PN/Xinhua) — Five Chinese vessels have arrived in the waters where Australia spotted floating objects that might be related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Thursday.

Hong told a daily press briefing that another three vessels were heading for the sea area while four vessels were still searching the eastern part of the southern Indian Ocean.

Synergy between Chinese search efforts in the air and at sea will be strengthened after more vessels arrived in the waters, Hong said.

The five vessels are scientific research vessel Xuelong, merchant ship Zhonghaishaohua owned by the China Shipping Group, and naval vessels Qiandaohu, Kunlunshan and Haikou.

The three ships heading for the waters are Haixun 01, Nanhaijiu 115 and Donghaijiu 101 belonging to the Ministry of Transport.

The four vessels searching the eastern part of the southern Indian Ocean are Haixun 31 and Nanhaijiu 101 of the Ministry of Transport and Navy vessels Jinggangshan and Yongxingdao.

The search for the missing passenger jet is in its third week. (PNA/Xinhua)


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