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Syrian forces regain control over highlands on border with Turkey

BEIRUT, March 27 — The Syrian forces have regained control over highlands on the border with Turkey. Air forces and artillery delivered strikes to the rebels’ positions on the outskirts of Kasab, north of Latakia, the al-Watan daily reported on Thursday.

Army units, supported by national defense forces, managed to hold their positions near the villages of Qastal Maaf and Nabaain, which have been attacked by militants. “The morale of our troops is high, and the operation continues. Freeing border regions from terrorist gangs from Turkey will not take long,” a Syrian military representative said in Latakia. He added that soldiers “fight like heroes”.

Al-Watan daily reported that militants’ bases are located in highland areas around Kasab and Salma, to the east of Latakia. More than 200 militants died over the last day.

Militants from Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic Front consist are fighting the government forces in the region. Al-Watan daily noted that there might be up to 5,000 fighters in the border gangs. (PNA/Itar-Tass)


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