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More indigent QC pupils, HS students to receive more benefits

By Leilani S. Junio

MANILA, March 30 (PNA)–The Quezon City government said over the weekend that it will be providing benefits, including contingency educational supplies and materials to indigent students aside from free education, in the city’s public elementary and high schools.

According to QC mayor Herbert M. Bautista, he recently signed Ordinance SP 2269 S- 2014, establishing a basic education enhancement program to be known as “the Basic Education Enhancement Program of QC.”

Bautista said the new ordinance was authored by majority floor leader Jesus Manuel C. Suntay, which basically aims to encourage more children to study.

Under the ordinance, the city government will give indigent students, who will apply under the program, complete educational and miscellaneous school supplies and materials depending on their grade or year level.

Among the school supplies or materials to be provided are complete school uniforms with socks and shoes; Physical Education uniform with shoes; prescribed work books; school bags; school supplies including, but not limited to crayons, eraser, ruler, protractor, pencils, sharpener, long and short folders and envelopes, pad paper, and notebook for kindergarten and elementary students.

Spiral notebooks, pad paper, ballpens, rulers and pencils are for high schools; miscellaneous needs such as rain coats, rain boots and towels for kindergarten, while those in elementary and high school will be provided with additional laboratory gowns and nutritional meals.

Graduating students who will apply for the program will receive additional benefits and will entitled to graduation toga lending with hood and cap.

Qualified applicants for the program should be enrolled in public schools of the city; bonafide city residents; and member of underprivileged family whose monthly family income is not more than P15,000.

To be eligible for the benefits, certain requirements need to be submitted at the city social services development department (SSDD), or Office of the mayor, office of the vice mayor, or Office of the city councilors in the district where the requesting party resides.

Among these requirements are personal request; certification of indigency from barangays or school principal or any individual having personal knowledge of the financial capability of the requesting party and his family; and proof of enrollment.

Suntay said that the program does not require standard grade of students in order to avail of the benefits, it is enough that the applicants has complied with the requirements set forth by the ordinance.

“The city government shall promote the right of every individual to relevant quality education, regardless of sex, age, and economic status. The City government shall promote and maintain equality of access to education as well as basic educational materials,’ Suntay said.(PNA)


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