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Sugar company fined for polluting environment

THANH HOA, April 28 — Authorities of the central province of Thanh Hoa have imposed a fine of VND700 million (US$ 33,300) on a sugar production company for polluting the environment.

The Viet Nam-Taiwan Sugar Company in Thach Thanh District was discharging untreated waste water into a canal and contaminated smoke into the air.

Test results from the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment showed that the company released untreated waste water into a nearby canal running through the San village.

The test also revealed the company discharged contaminated smoke into the air to the extent of nearly 27,000cu.m of smoke per hour.

Test revealed that the smoke contained Carbon Monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorless and poisonous gas, at 3.64 times higher concentration than the allowed level.

Many local people complained that waste water discharged from the company affected their living and business conditions.

However, at a working session with the local residents and authorities last Thursday, the company's Deputy Director General, Tran Khanh Duong, continued to deny that his company caused environmental pollution.

Apart from the administrative fine, the provincial authorities also asked the company to put in place measures to deal with the pollution within 40 days.

"If the company failed to tackle the pollution, the district authorities will propose to the provincial People's Committee to suspend the company's operation," Chairman of the district's People's Committee Le Van Trinh told Lao Dong (Labor) newspaper. (PNA/VNS)


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