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BRI assigns SSL and Arianespace to develop satellite

JAKARTA, April 29 — The publicly listed Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) has assigned Space Systems/Loral (SSL) from the United States and Arianespace of France to develop and launch the satellite for banking purposes.

"The needs of communication via satellite is required in order to develop business," the BRI Managing Director Sofyan Basir stated here on Monday.

Sofyan delivered the speech after signing the cooperation with the Senior Vice President of Space Systems/Loral, David Bernstein and Senior Vice President Arianespace Jacques Bretonand as witnessed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The satellite development is aimed to support the banking service range for Indonesians.

Currently, the BRI uses 23 transponders, which is being served by nine network providers to support the communication and information technology for more than 9,000 branches and e-channel network.

Sofyan pointed out that the satellite development is in accordance with the Presidents instructions related to access expansion and financial inclusion for Indonesian people.

"We are also developing branch network and e-channels, which will be supported through this satellite communication," Sofyan explained.

The bank has prepared a fund of US$ 250 million or RP2.5 trillion to develop the satellite after obtaining the satellite orbit permit in 150.5 East Longitude from the Information and Communication Ministry.

The Managing Director believes that the satellite will support the banking service performances and give a more efficient facility to rent to other communication providers.

The bank will call the satellite with BRIsat that will have 45 transponders, which will cover areas in Indonesia, ASEAN, North east of Asia, some Pacific area and West Australia.

"Indonesia has 17,000 islands, and more than 7,000 sub-districts as well as 80,000 villages which require satellite communication technology," Sofyan explained. (PNA/Antara)


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