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Russia to develop new satellite communication system – reports

MOSCOW, Aug. 14 — Russia intends to create a new powerful satellite communication system that will provide global coverage and communication security, Izvestia newspaper reported Thursday.

The development of such a system will require the launch of a space complex ordered by the Russian Defense Ministry and the Russian Federal Space Agency. The budget of the project is estimated at 65.6 billion rubles (US$ 1.8 billion).

The system throughput is expected to reach 80 gigabits (Gb) by 2020, and 120 Gb by 2025. That will allow the simultaneous coverage of about a million high-speed terminals.

The new secure communication system is to be used by the country’s leaders and the military, according to the newspaper. The system will be based on the Gonets-M1 and Gonets-M2 communication systems.

The space complex will consist of four satellites weighing up to 2.5 tons and equipped with transponders and air traffic control systems. (PNA/RIA Novosti)


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