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NGCP to install new towers to withstand typhoons

By Judy G. Quiros

DAVAO CITY, Aug 19 (PNA) — The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) bought new models of emergency restoration system (ERS) structure in preparation for the typhoon season.

In a statement, NGCP said they already learned lessons from previous experiences in which there was difficulty in restoring transmission facilities damaged by typhoon.

ERS structures are temporary transmission towers used during urgent restoration activities, usually after a typhoon. The towers are light-weight and take shorter time to assemble compared to a conventional transmission tower, NGCP said.

NGCP also said the new ERS model is easier and faster to transport because it is smaller and lighter. Despite its light weight, the ERS structures can withstand wind speed during typhoons.

NGCP trained some of their personnel assigned to man the new ERS structures. They are composed of engineers, line foremen, and linemen.

Company President and CEO Henry Sy, Jr. is happy about the new towers.

"This will definitely change the way we restore transmission facilities. Improvement, in terms of efficiency and speed, of our restoration process will benefit not just NGCP and its direct customers, but more importantly, the power consumers,” he said.

NGCP is a privately-owned corporation in charge of operating, maintaining, and developing the country’s power grid. (PNA)


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