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Arts fest staged at Baguio public market

BAGUIO CITY, Oct. 30 — The Baguio City Public Market (BCPM) will be a market for art until November 9 where visual and interdisciplinary trade-barter exhibition that features painting, photography, media installations, mixed media works, performances and a spoken word events will be staged.

Angel Velasco Shaw of Philippine Women’s University (PWU) Baguio – School of Fine Art and Design explained in an interview today, October 30 that the two-week arts fest is called “Markets of Resistance”.

She said the public market was the chosen venue because “It is where culture is, where life thrives. You feel a sense of people.”

The project, Shaw said, looks into the question “How have the people in Baguio merged their cultures and histories in a traditional sense and contemporary sense?”

The exhibit opened last October 25 with an opening ritual followed by the opening of the barter and trade and site-specific installations at the different stalls.

Among the installations is artist Kawayan de Guia’s “De Liberating”, which will be propped on top of the Rillera building.

IPoetry, a poetry performance and readings event celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Month, happened on October 26, participated in by performers and readers from writing and poetry groups such as the Ubbog Cordillera Young Writers, Monday Poets, Baguio Writers Group, Pedantic Pedestrians, and Gumil.

Another activity was the IP in the Souvenir exhibit which also opened on October 26.

While the exhibit is ongoing, lectures by journalist Frank Cimatu (“Agsaok Man!”) and anthropologist Padma Perez (“Markets”) will be given as well as a screening of a short film by Yeoh Seng Guan called “God, Balut, and Ice Cream”.

Artworks are sold not in the traditional form of monetary exchange but instead through negotiation between buyer and artist about what they deem to be the artwork’s equivalent value in goods that meet the artist’s daily needs in life (e.g. food, clothing, houseware) which the buyers must purchase themselves and give to the artists in exchange for their work.

Participating in the art fest are PWU SFAD students, Baguio and Manila artists, poets, scholars, and cultural community workers. (PNA)


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