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Makati reduces garbage volume by 47% in first 3 quarters

MANILA, Nov. 25 The city government of Makati on Tuesday said that the Department of Environmental Services (DES) of Makati, through its Solid Waste Management Division, has cut down the volume of garbage collected by over 47 percent for the first three quarters of the year compared to the same period last year.

Based on the latest report of DES covering January to September of this year, the city was able to divert to 1,946.69 cubic meters or 4.68 million kilograms of solid waste from the landfill. The number of trips made by garbage collection trucks has also been cut down by around 40 percent.

DES chief Danilo Villas attributed the significant reduction in the volume of the city’s waste disposed of at the designated dumpsite to successful recycling projects and effective implementation of waste segregation in households and business establishments.

Villas said successful projects that have yielded positive results included the Baratilyo ng Basura sa Barangay, Weekend Waste Market, and the 3B sa Pasko Recyclables Exhibit and Bazaar.

He said that from January to September of this year, the Baratilyo diverted a total of 114,155 kilograms of waste and generated around Php 771,000 in revenue.

Meanwhile, the enforcement of the plastic ban in Makati has continued to gain ground, having sustained a high rate of compliance since it took effect in June last year.

Villas said the compliance rating for the nine-month period rose to 94.06 percent, as compared to 92 percent rating for the first six months of implementation last year. Out of 11,316 establishments inspected by the task force, 677 were found violating the plastic ban.

Under City Ordinance No. 2003-095, the Solid Waste Management Code of Makati, individual violators are fined Php 1,000 or imprisoned for five days to 30 days, or both at the discretion of the court, while an errant corporation or establishment is fined Php 5,000 or the owner may be imprisoned from 30 days to a year, or both at the court’s discretion. If warranted, the business permit or license may also be cancelled.

The DES chief cited the top 10 most compliant barangays in Makati as of September 2014, as follows: Carmona, 100 percent; Pinagkaisahan, Rizal, Pembo and Cembo, 99 percent; Comembo, 98 percent; Poblacion, 97 percent; Kasilawan, 96 percent; and West Rembo, 95 percent.

DES, through its district office, also strictly enforces other provisions of the Solid Waste Management Code of Makati.

DES report shows it apprehended a total of 4,207 violators, mostly for littering, while the rest were caught using plastic products or unregistered pushcarts, or causing illegal obstruction of streets.

Villas said that enforcers of DES went through refresher seminars about the Solid Waste Management Code in April 2014.(PNA)


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