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PCGE launches search for the Mga Bagong Rizal: Pag-asa ng Bayan 2015

MANILA, Nov. 24 — The Philippine Center for Gifted Education (PCGE) on Monday launched the Mga Bagong Rizal: Pag-asa ng Bayan 2015 Search.

Dr. Leticia Penaño-Ho, president of PCGE, said they were searching for 17 young gifted children to provide them necessary support to maximize their talents and potentials to work for improvement of the country.

“Because we believe that Dr. Jose Rizal is the epitome of the Filipino gifted and we decided that why don’t we come up with a kind of a search for a group of bright to intelligent young people and get them together, identify as new Jose Rizal and perhaps as we make the group bigger and bigger, we will really have an important group that will work for the improvement of the Philippines”, Ho said in a press conference held at Dulcinea in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

The PCGE is a private non-stock, non-profit organization committed to actively searching for Filipino gifted children and individuals since 2011 (initially chosen 35 gifted children) and to provide ways of nurturing them.

The Filipino gifted, considered a minority in the country, is a rich source of human resources who potential in different areas of endeavors, the Philippines is in dire need of. If identified and properly nurtured cognitively, academically, emotionally and ethically, they can help in turning around many of the ills which we are now experiences.

More specifically, it intends to reach the disadvantaged sector which oftentimes misses the opportunity to be identified more so nurtured for their abilities. It expects to harness the private sector in an organized way for providing for this population.

The Search for Mga Bagong Rizal 2015 is part of the opening celebration of “The National Week for the Gifted and Talented” (Nov. 23-31) declared by former President Joseph Estrada every last week of November to draw attention to the cause of the gifted and of gifted individuals in the Philippines.

She also said that those who would be chosen would be given leadership training and ask them to come up with a project beneficial to people.

Other activities for this week include seminar for the counselors “Counseling the Gifted” from 8 to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Benitez Theater, College of Education University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. Culminating activity on Sunday with games, storytelling, kite designing, kite flying to be held at Quezon Memorial Circle. (PNA)


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