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San Pedro City's first woman mayor pushes for urban renewal

By Roselle Aquino and Robert Maico

SAN PEDRO CITY, Laguna, Dec. 30, 2014 (PNA)- Describing herself to be lucky as the first woman mayor when San Pedro became a city on December 29, 2013 , Mayor Lourdes "Baby" Cataquiz is pushing for San Pedro's Urban Renewal (SPUR) program. in her speech during its first cityhood anniversary today (Dec 29) at the New City Hall Building this city.

Mayor Cataquiz gave the statement in her speech during the first cityhood anniversary of San Pedro held on Monday, Dec. 29 cityhall complex here.

The lady chief executive said the SPUR program will not only change the physical landscape but the public infrastructures the city need. These include new bridges, railway transit that connects the city to Metro Manila and flyovers. These she said will lead to the modernization of the city.

Moreover, under the SPUR program, the city will implement a comprehensive drainage system, provide new sources of water like the utilization of the surface water of Laguna Lake.

Mayor Cataquiz also plans to have a source of waste water treatment so that clean water will flow to the lake as an environment friendly measure.

On the physical landscape, Mayor Cataquiz asked for the support of the public to change those that are not pleasing to see, those that need repair, those unhealthy surroundings in order to attract investors to the city.

She clarified that investors look for a good place to put in their money, especially the area is clean, safe, and peaceful. (PNA)


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