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Israel joins Water Expo Philippines

MANILA, March 25 — The Economic and Trade Office of the Israel Embassy is participating in the Water Philippines Expo on March 25 to 27, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. The Embassy will present Israel’s innovative water solutions in booth D130.

Joining the Embassy are five Israeli companies in different fields of water technology: EZ Pack Water Ltd., IDE Technologies, Miya, Odis Filtering Ltd., and Watergen.

EZ Pack Water Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets unique proprietary solutions for water storage, distribution and mobility, with special emphasis in emergency situations. The company deployed its products to the Philippines during super typhoon Yolanda.

IDE Technologies, a world leader in water treatment solutions specializes in the development, engineering construction and operation of enhanced small to large desalination facilities and industrial water treatment plants. Miya implements water efficiency projects around the globe, particularly in Brazil, South Africa, Canada, the Caribbean and the Philippines. Odis Filtering Ltd. designs, manufactures, installs and commissions water and wastewater treatment plants. Watergen, selected as one of the most innovative companies last year, designs state-of-the-art solutions for supplying water.

As part of the seminar series during the expo, the head of Israel Economic and Trade Office, Doron Hemo, will discuss “Israel’s Water Revolution” on March 27, 2015. He will discuss Israel’s technology ecosystem and ingenuity that made it a global leader in the water arena.

The participating Israeli companies will also introduce their solutions related to water distribution and management, water and wastewater treatment, desalination, water safety and security.

Since its foundation in 1948, Israel has placed great emphasis on maximizing its water supply, famously turning much of its arid land into fertile agricultural soil. Today, the Israeli water industry is recognized as a global leader in the water arena, thanks to breakthrough technological innovations in areas such as desalination, drip irrigation and water security. The areas of expertise of Israeli companies in the water arena include: water management; water for agriculture; water treatment; desalination; water safety and security; water IT and communications. (PNA)


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