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Artificial reefs built in NE China sea to restore fisheries

SHENYANG, May 12 — Artificial reefs covering 4,400 hectares have been built in northeast China's Bohai Sea over the past seven years in an effort to restore the sea's fishing resources, according to an announcement from provincial authorities Tuesday.

The sea is home to the most polluted coastal waters in China due to decades of waste water dumping and offshore oil development.

The Liaoning provincial fishery bureau said on Tuesday that the artificial reefs and the release of young fish have helped rehabilitate the sea's fisheries and advance water pollution treatment.

Experts with the bureau explained that artificial reefs can provide favorable breeding and hiding places for fish.

The annual fish haul in the sea has returned to more than 10,000 tonnes, nearly the same as 10 years ago. The fishery bureau aims to increase the amount by another 30 percent by 2020.

In addition to increased fish hauls, sea cucumbers, prawns, jellyfish and clams can also be harvested in the reefs. (PNA/Xinhua)


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