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Garbage piling up in Binmaley town's roadsides

BINMALEY, Pangasinan, June 23 — Garbage now continues to pile up in the roadsides here few days after the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) stopped the municipality of Binmaley from further dumping its wastes into the Andres Malong Army Reservation in Barangay San Isidro Norte here last June 19.

Mayor Simplicio Rosario said he will comply with the order of PENRO Officer Leduina Co and promised to negotiate with Urdaneta City so that Binmaley can bring its five to seven tons of wastes daily to the sanitary landfill in that city and is willing to pay the required tipping fee.

Co acted on the complaint letter dated May 22, 2015 of Lt. Colonel Edgardo Batenga, commanding officer of the Army's 70th Infantry Battalion of the 7th Infantry Division complaining about the continuous dumping of wastes of Binmaley town inside their reservation.

However, the negotiation between the two LGUs has not been finalized, which may have compelled residents to pile up their garbage along the roadside, especially along the Dagupan to Lingayen road via Binmaley.

At this early, residents feared the town's reputation as aquaculture capital of the north might be affected if the leachate from garbage piling up along the roadsides may go to the fishponds producing milkfish, tilapia, malaga, siganid, and prawns.

Mayor Rosario earlier ordered the townspeople to segregate their wastes starting from the households in order to reduce the volume of garbage to be hauled to the sanitary landfill in Urdaneta.

Urdaneta is the only LGU in Pangasinan to have built its sanitary landfill in compliance with the provisions of Republic Act 9003 or the Solid Waste and Ecological Management Act among all the 48 towns and cities of Pangasinan.

Rosario said they have to dump their wastes yet in Urdaneta till after they can put up their own controlled dumpsite in Barangay Tombor, Binmaley.

Rosario said he already started building the controlled dumpsite in 2010 in his second term of office but lost his reelection for third term of office to his challenger Lorenzo Cerezo.

Cerezo, whom Rosario beat in their return bout in 2013, abandoned the controlled dumpsite project and instead dumped the garbage coming from households and the markets in the military reservation.

"We had no alternative but to continue the practice of the past city administration," said Rosario in explaining why they were still dumping wastes inside the military reservation. (PNA)


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