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FPI lauds streamlined DENR processes

By Lilybeth G. Ison

MANILA, Aug. 10 (PNA) — The Federation of Philippines Industries (FPI) has lauded the modernized process in applying for Certificates on Non-Coverage (CNC) with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB).

The DENR-EMB recently released Memorandum Circular No. 2015-003, signed by concurrent EMB Director and DENR Undersecretary Atty. Jonas R. Leones, which mandates the implementation of the online processing for CNC applications of Category "D" projects under the Philippine Environment Impact Statement System (PEISS).

Under the new system, Category "D" projects or those unlikely to cause adverse environmental impact may already get their CNC online after simply filing their application in the EMB website attaching a pro-forma Project Description and paying the applicable fees.

FPI Environment Committee Vice-Chair Dr. Ed Alabastro noted that the new procedure eliminates the previous time-consuming paper-based application process handled by EMB regional offices.

He explained that "from an application process that could run up to months, the whole activity can now be completed in matter of hours."

At the same time, Category "B" projects can now file Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) applications online based on recently issued Memorandum Circular 2015-008.

Category "B" projects or undertakings which are not classified as environmentally critical projects (ECP) but which are likewise deemed to significantly affect the quality of the environment by virtue of being located in Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA).

The new rule allows a project proponent to file documentary requirements and complete the required checklist via the EMB website. Approved ECCs with barcode can then be printed online. (PNA)


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