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Swiss luxury watchmaker unveils first smart watch

GENEVA, Nov. 10 — Benefiting latest technology and smart platform from Silicon Valley, Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer Monday unveiled its "Connected Watch," a first smart watch developed by the major Swiss luxury watchmaker.

The more than 150-year-old Swiss watchmaker worked closely with Intel and Google to create a luxury watch that combined connectivity and computing intelligence with Swiss watchmaking heritage.

The Connected watch is a true watch, both in terms of its appearance, with its watch faces and its minute tracks. The watch features an Intel Atom processor Z34XX and runs the Android Wear platform.

Intel engineered the intelligence inside the watch to optimize performance and enable a multitude of connectivity options including audio streaming, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as allow users to harness the full range of features offered by the Android Wear operating system.

Based on the Android Wear operating system, thousands of Android applications are available for user to download.

With 4 GB of memory, and all day battery life thanks to its latest-generation lithium battery, the new smart watch is equipped with a small microphone to communicate with via Google voice control.

The watch can also be easily synced with a phone running either on Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.2+ platform. It is charged using a contact charger. Simply place the watch on top to recharge it.

TAG Heuer said the price of the new timepiece is set at USD1,500. (PNA/Xinhua)


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