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1st polar bear born in tropics turns 25 in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Dec. 16 — Inuka, the first polar bear born in the tropics and the star attraction in Singapore Zoo's Frozen Tundra exhibit, celebrated his 25th birthday here on Wednesday.

Inuka's birthday treat is a giant kachang cake consisting of two colored ice blocks and a watermelon filled with fruit.

"(Inuka) is officially in his golden years and we will adjust his care to ensure he continues to enjoy a great quality of life with us here in the Singapore Zoo," said Mike Barclay, CEO of Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

Along with the 10-day celebration for Inuka's birthday, the Singapore Zoo also works with the Royal Danish Embassy to present a photo exhibition titled "Our Arctic Future" that highlights the importance of sustainability and the evolving relationship between people and the Arctic.

For those who visit the zoo during the 10-day celebration, they can watch Inuka having his birthday treats every day in the afternoon. (PNA/Xinhua)


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