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Students cancel sports due to pollution

TEHRAN, Dec. 26 — Spokesman for the Ministry of Education announced that Tehrani students cannot do exercise at the sports hours in the schools on Saturday.

Massoud Saqafi told IRNA that the decision has been made due to the severity of air pollution in the Iranian capital.

Asked whether the capital's schools are closed or not, Saqafi said the related committee has not made any decisions about the issue.

'Polluted and unhealthy weather' forced the country's officials to close all schools and kindergartens in the capital last week on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

The official said, a meeting is to be held today (Saturday) to review closure of schools.

Chairman of Tehran City Council Mehdi Chamran announced last Tuesday that air pollution in capital claims lives of 180 people every day. (PNA/IRNA)


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