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Iran committed to reduce 12% of greenhouse gases

ISFAHAN, Feb. 3 — Head of Department of Environment Masoumeh Ebtekar said on Tuesday that 12 percent of Iran's greenhouse gases should be reduced by 2030.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of Isfahan Refinery's gasoline production plant, she added that based on Paris Agreement which was signed by 195 leaders of countries to cut down greenhouse gases, different countries declared their plans and voluntary schemes for the purpose.

Iran, for its part, was committed to reduce greenhouse gases by four percent by 2030, she said, noting that following removal of anti-Iran sanctions, it was also obliged to cut down greenhouse gases by another eight percent. Thus Iran should reduce 12 percent of the gases by 2030.

Since the country's economy relies on energies such as oil and gas, great efforts should be taken to make the country's industry and economy green, Ebtekar said.

Noting that the Sixth Development Plan seeks to safeguard the environment, she added that the Government of Hope and Prudence has done its best to improve environmental situation.

Revival of ponds, improvement of weather and dealing seriously with particles are among the programs the ninth government has undertaken in line with safeguarding environment.

Isfahan Refinery's gasoline production plant was set up with the aim of standardization of gasoline and converting ordinary gasoline into Euro 4. (PNA/IRNA)


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