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950 experts take part in 1st Russian defense ministry robotics conference

MOSCOW, Feb. 15 — Over 950 experts took part in the first Russian Defense Ministry’s first robotics conference outside the Russian capital last week, the ministry’s press service said Monday.

The “Robotization of the Russian Armed Forces” at the Patriot military park in Kubinka on Feb. 10 brought together Defense Ministry top officials, law enforcement agencies, the military industrial commission, researchers and defense organizations.

“Over 150 robotics designs and technologies were featured, over 950 expert participants attended. The number of visitors to the event nearly doubled the expected number,” the press service said.

A range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) were exhibited at the event, including "anti-drone" tracking systems and supercomputers capable of operating up to 10 drones simultaneously.

Other exhibits included ultra-light tactical drones, mobile robotic all-terrain platforms, as well as promising plans toward creating exoskeletons.

“One of the main issues was to exchange experience on implementing, applying and operating military and dual-use robotic systems,” the press service added.

The Defense Ministry has ordered several hundred UAVs from Russian developers by 2020, as part of the ministry's USD9.2-billion program to acquire new drones and train military personnel to operate the vehicles. (PNA/Sputnik)


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