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Ilonggo artists mount exhibits in Iloilo, Manila

ILOILO CITY, Feb. 22 — Two Ilonggo artists are showcasing their masterpieces in separate art exhibits here and in Metro Manila.

Visual artist PG “Boyet” Zoluaga shows the other side of love in his “Black Valentine” exhibit at Space Between art gallery in Baluarte, Molo district here.

In time with the Love Month, the exhibit runs until March 5, 2016.

In an interview, Zoluaga, who is also active in Iloilo’s music scene, said his artworks reflect the reality that love has many facets.

“These many facets – whether it brought us sadness or joy, regrets or hope, longing or satisfaction – are and will always be beautiful because love in itself is beautiful,” he said.

His works are in black and white – a contrast to color red that is often associated with love.

“Although black may carry a negative feel, it is inseparable from all the beautiful facets of life,” he said.

Despite the not-so-good experiences with love, "these will always be beautiful because at some point in our lives, we learned how to love," he said.

The paintings are melancholic to look at, yet it will stir one’s emotions like the series “Mono 1, 2, &3,” the "Sang Ginkaon Sang Bakunawa ang Dugos-Bulan," the “She Moves in Memories 1, 2, 3,” the “Should Have Seen the Writings on the Wall 1, 2, 3,” and the “When Diamonds Rule the Heart 1, 2, 3” and the one piece “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” and “Walking Away from Rainbows.”

On the other hand, the pride of Brgy. Calaparan, also from this city Marrz Capanang believes that an invisible yet powerful thread binds all beings to other beings, and to nature.

This belief in connectedness, synchronicity, serendipity and amalgamation is depicted in his first solo exhibit dubbed “Pangut-Angut” at Kulay-Diwa Gallery of Philippine Contemporary Art in Lopez Village, Sucat, Parañaque City.

The exhibit, which runs until March 7, features 21 frames and one art installation he made with his partner, the poet Kristine Buenavista.

In an interview, Capanang explained his paintings are “action paintings,” which are sometimes called “gestural abstraction.”

“It is based on spontaneity; it is based on what I feel in the moment,” he said.

Capanang said the process is “throwing a can of paint, see what figure will emerge or imagine what figure can be created from the spill, and work from there.”

Most of his artworks are depictions of nature and animals, which evokes message of animal cruelty and abuses of nature and environment in general.

Capanang said previously, his works are in black and white as he used to use pencils or graphites.

“But it was laborious and tedious, so I shifted to paint,” he said.

“Paangut-angut” is a Hiligaynon term for “longing or connection,” he said.

“We are all connected – in love, pain and even in laughter,” he added. (PNA)


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