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Kalibo town to force implement solid waste management code

KALIBO, Aklan, Oct. 4 — This town famous for its Ati-Atihan Festival will soon be strictly implementing a solid waste management ordinance as it is only given six months to comply with environmental laws.

Adora Reynaldo, solid waste management officer of the Kalibo local government, said they had received a warning from the National Solid Waste Management Commission to convert the dumpsite into a sanitary landfill.

"This means that we hope to reach out to the barangays to do their share in implementing proper recycling of wastes. Failure to do so means barangay officials may be penalized under the Republic Act 9003 also called the National Waste Management Act," said Reynaldo.

Earlier, the National Solid Waste Management Commission charged the local government unit of Nabas for operating an illegal dumpsite.

Since the conversion of a dumpsite into a sanitary landfill is expensive, the local government unit is currently studying other possible options.

At present, the local solid waste management council is also drafting the mechanics on how to effectively implement proper waste segregation in this town. The local government unit is talking with private companies from Metro Manila on how to deal with the increasing wastes.(PNA)


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